Welcome to Homestead Management!

//Welcome to Homestead Management!

Welcome to Homestead Management!

Welcome to Homestead!

As owners should be aware by now (assuming your contact details are correct), we have changed the management company to Homestead CSL Ltd. Homestead are based in St Annes and are a very professional and highly competent property management company. We are sure that you will see great benefits as a result. It has actually been rather a baptism of fire for them. By pure coincidence we had 3 issues to deal with in 3 days, including an out-of-hours emergency weekend call-out. This was a very unfortunate sequence of events that previously would have been very challenging to deal with. However, I am pleased to say that everyone who spoke to Turnkey reported that they were most pleased with their attitude and response.

At last we have a new gate mechanism fitted! You will see that we have had hydraulic rams fitted and these should be much more robust than the previous mechanism. Thanks to John Bennetts for sorting this in the difficult transition interval between Turnkey and Homestead.

Preview of what is to come

On Monday 4th September, our new site manager Kevin Oldham had his first tour of the site. It will obviously take time for the new management to take full effect, but we are very pleased by his initial reactions. We can’t disclose too much yet, but there will be improvements in various forms soon. Some people have already noticed improvements in terms of response and when speaking to Homestead staff and contractors. Some of the initial work and improvements will be in areas that will not be immediately obvious. e.g. fire systems, drains, flat roofs etc. You will also see improvements to the general tidiness of the grounds. Contractors have already been approached for quoting to an agreed specification.


If you have a Grasslin Talento Heating controller you may find it helpful to have a simple, one-sheet set of instructions describing how to use it. This can now be found in the FAQs section of this web site. Click the “Useful Info” tab at the top of this web site and then “Frequently Asked Questions”
Pets are not allowed in this development. There are no exceptions and in the interests of the majority of residents, we will take action against anyone who we discover is ignoring this restriction.

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